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Student Technology Use Rules


  1. Use only your own user accounts, and do not make attempts to learn other users’ passwords.
  2. Obtain teacher approval before joining anything over the Internet.
  3. If you reach a site that makes you uncomfortable, or if you receive a ‘This site has been blocked’ message on a web site that you are trying to reach, tell an adult.
  4. Treat shared files respectfully.
  5. Obtain your teacher’s permission before printing.
  6. When researching or browsing the internet, only visit websites that a teacher has given you permission to go on.
  7. Ask permission from a teacher before installing any chromebook extensions or themes.
  8. Make sure to log off when you are done using your device.
  9. Practice responsible digital citizenship.

A responsible digital citizen….

Respects One’s Self.
  • Refrain from sharing personal information over the internet.
  • Maintain appropriate language and behavior online.
Respects Others. 
  • Avoid using technology to bully, tease, or harass other people.
  • Refrain from using another person’s accounts or passwords.
Protects One’s Self and Others.
  • Make sure to tell an adult if you feel uncomfortable with something online.
  • Keep passwords private.
  • Avoid sharing inappropriate materials.
Respects Intellectual Property. 
  • Cite any and all use of websites, books, or media when using them for an assignment.
  • Ask before using other students’ work.