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Cambridge History 2022

Each year, CES 3rd graders spend several months learning about the history of our town. Students hear from local historians, do further research, and work on culminating projects to demonstrate their knowledge.

This year, students studied the history of the village of Jeffersonville. They showcased their knowledge through a musical performance, by creating a TV newscast, and by virtually recreating Jeffersonville in Minecraft (the popular computer game).

Musical Performance: This Town is Your Town

CES Blast From the Past News!

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3


Jeffersonville in Minecraft
(More to be shared soon!)

The Griswold Store

Town Hall


Thank you to all of the volunteers and CES staff who made this all possible!

Community Speakers:
Justin Marsh 
Jane Porter
Jane Shaw
Jim Kinney
Sam Lotto
Audrey Cota
Dan St. Cyr
Santha Dahlin
Joanne Hanley
Bonnie Hitchcock 
Tyler Gates
Maylo Baker

3rd Grade Teachers:
Jenny Clayton
Molly Spillane

Project Facilitators:
Faith Horton
Danielle Oldenburg
Jeremy LaClair