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Cambridge History 2023

Jim Kinney shared information about the Borough School with a group of third graders.

Throughout the spring of 2023, third graders at Cambridge Elementary School expanded their knowledge by researching historical information about our town. Students heard from ten local experts about the history of Cambridge Borough- now known as Cambridge Village- and learned about the different aspects of what life might might have looked like in the past.

Armed with the facts and knowledge of community experts, the third graders decided that this information should be preserved somehow- and what better way then by recording podcasts with the experts themselves! Students split info groups and set to work drafting interview questions, practicing speaking skills, and learning the art of active listening. After much rehearsing and refining, the local experts were invited back for a podcast recording session.

In music class, third graders researched music and sound effects that might fit with their podcasts. Many groups composed original tracks that set the mood for their podcast episode.

Students worked to build a model of Cambridge Borough in Minecraft.

In conjunction with the podcast project, students also spent time in art class creating a digital model of what Cambridge Borough might have looked like. Using the popular creative platform Minecraft, third graders worked together to lay out the town, create each building, and add important features.



On behalf of the 2023 CES third graders, we invite you to discover more about the history of Cambridge Borough below!

Our Past in a Podcast

A very special thank you to all of our volunteers and helpers this year!

Community Volunteers
Audrey Cota
Jane Porter
Kathy Quimby Johnson
Jim Kinney
Bonnie Hichcock
Justin Marsh
Charlie Guyette
Peter Opstrup
Santha Dahlin

Third Grade Teachers
Molly Casserly (Spillane)
Aly Jones
Jenny Clayton
Cara Dekens

Special Thanks To
Danielle Oldenburg
Marie Cloutier
Faith Horton
Jeremy LaClair
Ellen Koier
All of the CES staff who helped assisted and guided students through this process!

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