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Jr Iron Chef Update - 1/3/2023

Jr Iron Chef Update - 1/3/2023

An update from our Jr. Iron Chef Team!

Jr Iron Chef teams at CES are a new opportunity that was offered to 6th graders. This year we welcome our first ever teams coached by Kelly Shortsleeve and Holly Simpson. This group of 6th graders is just the first of MANY teams to come in the following years! We look forward to offering this opportunity to future 6th graders annually.

Yesterday, both teams met in the school kitchen to learn about knife safety, fire safety, communication in a kitchen and sanitation. After the meeting, they quickly moved onto mastering steps into their competition recipes.

Team WildCooks has decided they will be making a Vegetable Curry over Jasmine Rice and Team These Cats Are Cook'N decided on a Fried Lasagna Roll Up with a Ricotta Butternut Squash Filling. These may be adjusted as we move forward.

Thank you for following our journey,
Holly and Kelly

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