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Bus Transportation Updates - 4/29/2022

Cambridge Elementary School has, once again, been successful in adding a new bus driver to the transportation program.  Please welcome Tom LaChance to our school community.  With this additional driver we are able to add Route 109 and the Hogback Road back into our transportation program.  This added route will start on MONDAY, MAY 2, 2022 and will include some roads from our current bus routes.   Your child should be at the bus stop ten minutes before the bus is due for pick up or drop off.  In the morning the bus for this route will come to each stop.  If you choose not to have your child ride the bus in the morning please notify Lisa Lehouillier (521-5603 so we may remove your child's name from the bus list.   FOR ELEMENTARY FAMILIES THAT WOULD LIKE THEIR CHILD TO RIDE THE BUS HOME IN THE AFTERNOON, FOR ROUTE 109 AND HOGBACK ROADS,  YOU WILL NEED TO CONTACT LISA (521-5603 - OR BETH (521-5601 - to make this change.  Elementary families will be required to complete a transportation form if you have not already done so.  If we do not hear from you then their current after school arrangements will stay in effect.   If your stop is missed and you have to bring your child to school or the Community Center (for Lamoille families) or pick them up at school please be patient as we work through this next transition.  

Because of adding this new driver there are also changes to our other bus routes so please be sure to review the route list that is attached for times and any changes.

Please Click Here to View the Updated Bus Routes

If you have any questions please call Lisa at 521-5603/