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Cambridge After School Program

Cambridge After School Program

Cambridge After School Program is a afterschool and summer enrichment program for students in grades K – 6. Cambridge After School Program runs six 5-6 week long sessions throughout the school year. Programming runs Mondays – Fridays from 2:20pm – 5:30pm and later case by case basis.

For additional information about the after school enrichment program, please contact: Deb Nevil, Cambridge After School Program Director at or 802-521-5622.


Cambridge After School Program afterschool and summer programs offer high quality enrichment and academic opportunities different from those that students experience in the classroom setting. Cambridge After School Program helps students build relationships with children and adults in their community. The goal of Cambridge After School Program is to increase students’ self-confidence and success in school and in life.

Students can participate in enrichment classes and/or homework club where they are given the space, time, and support to complete their homework. Students are provided a healthy snack and recess before activities begin each afternoon. Enrichment classes rotate throughout the year allowing students to benefit from many types of activities. Enrichment classes are taught by CES staff members or community members with specific talents or interest. Often, these same instructors stay to lead a homework club. Homework clubs are overseen by the Site Coordinator who collaborates with classroom teachers to provide the most appropriate support to each student.

In the summer program, students participate in an hour and a half of academics (math and literacy) and enrichment daily. Academic instruction and enrichment classes are taught by CES staff and community members. For our most at-risk students, we hope to bridge the gap that occurs during the summer months. For those students already performing at or above grade level, we offer advanced academic activities that meet their needs. Through participating in our summer program, students will retain and build important academic skills and participate in exciting activities in a wide variety of themes.