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CES School Board Goals

CES Board Goals and Vision Statement for 2021/22


  • Taking a proactive approach to issues and events that may impact CES.
  • Promote social/emotional wellbeing of all students and staff.
  • Work to ensure a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion to provide safety and a sense of belonging for all students and staff.
  • Continued emphasis on STEAM curriculum opportunities for all students.
  • Continued focus on attracting and retaining a qualified and diverse staff.
  • Continue to manage fiscal matters responsibly.
  • Continue to review facility usage and ensure facility needs are met.
  • Continue to work with SU Nutrition Director to ensure all students’ nutritional needs are met.
  • Explore programs and offerings that encourage conservation and sustainability.


  • “Equity, Access and Opportunity”

Board Members

Heather Hobart Board Member Email
Laura Miller Clerk Email
Jan Sander Board Member Email
Mark Stebbins Chairperson Email
Denise Webster Board Member Email


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